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Exploration and Resource Geology


Basin tectonics, sedimentology and basin analysis

Anke Friedrich

We have started to re-evaluate the 3-D sedimentological and structural setting of the northern Alpine Foreland Basin (Molasse basin) based on available industry seismic and borehole data. The goal of our work is to better understand the dynamic evolution of foreland basins and their relationship to lithospheric processes, via loading and unloading processes. A particular focus lies on using geological markers, such as the Miocene cliff line, in deciphering the young vertical motion of the basin. 

3-D structural modeling 

Sara Carena

We apply 3-D structural modeling to a variety of problems using state-of-the art software. Courses and workshops in modeling are offered, depending on demand from students.

Tools: we currently have licenses for GocadTM and for 2D, 3D and 4DMoveTM.

Resources and field mapping

Anke Friedrich

The core of our geological undergraduate curriculum lies in teaching students modern techniques of rigorous field work in remote regions. The basic field camp currently takes place in the Cabo de Gata National Park, near Las Negras (Almeria), where we train students in basic field mapping techniques in sedimentary and volcanic rocks, as well as coastal geomorphology. The sedimentary setting is a world-class training site for petroleum geologists, because the complete source-to-sink, coastal to shallow marine sedimentary petroleum system is well exposed. The volcanic rocks at Cabo de Gata host the world-famous epithermal copper-gold-deposits in a Late Miocene caldera complex. Students also get to study prime exposures of the Carboneras strike-slip fault, and metamorphic rocks of the Betic Cordillera.


Student career opportunities

We have more than 80 geology students per academic year. Our students are trained in state-of-the-art field geology with focus on 3D-visualization and quantification of Earth surface and subsurface geological processes. Our undergraduate students seek to be connected to industry for internships, traineeships, and jobs. We are also interested to host industry-based workshops, lectures, and recruiting interviews. If you would like to visit our campus or offer internships or jobs in all current fields of geology, please contact us per e-mail

 Exchanges, sponsoring, and collaborations

University of Alberta, Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

University of Utah, Department of Geology and Geophysics

University of Arizona (USA)


Gocad Consortium


updated: 25.01.2018