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Anke Friedrich

Prof. Dr. Anke M. Friedrich

Chair of Geology

Active Tectonics and Earthquake Studies, Geomorphology, Global Geology, Neotectonics and Intraplate Deformation. Stratigraphy.


Building and shaping a modern international research and teaching program in general and applied geology. Setting up real and virtual natural geological laboratories, which serve as research sites.

Geological Archive (Research collection in Regional Geology)

Concept Rothpletz: Connecting geology students internationally with Bavaria's great geology.

Master's degree program in Geology: Head of program.
International Exchange Programs in Geology: Coordinator. ERASMUS contact in geology.


Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Lehrstuhl für Geologie
Luisenstr. 37
80333 München

Room: A 140
Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 6512

Office hours:
by email appointment

Further Information

Research Interests

  • Evolution of the Earth's surface and continental lithosphere in response to geodynamic and climatic forcing. 
  • Mechanisms of intraplate deformation and earthquake space-time patterns; criteria for (re-)active faulting, especially minor faults and rupture terminations along major faults.
  • Quantification of vertical deformation, erosion and sedimentation rates ranging from scales of millimeter/years to kilometers/million years.
  • Development of stratigraphic frameworks for theoretical concepts in tectonics and geodynamics.

Tools and Methods

Regional geological synthesis by paleogeological hiatus mapping, event-based stratigraphic framework mapping; Applications of geological remote sensing to problems in neotectonics, active tectonics, and paleoseismology; iterative 3-D structural reconstructions and applications in structural geology; applications of geochronology to geological problems. Method development and analysis of interregional-scale geological maps, unconformities and paleogeological hiatus mapping.

Active Projects

  • 2020-2023 joint German-Tschec Science Foundation grant (DFG): Vertical Motion of Salt Diapirs in the southern Zagros, Iran, and formation of cap rock. 
  • since 2018: Paleogeological Hiatus mapping
  • 2018-2019: DFG project: Collection and Analysis of Cuttings from a deep geothermal well, northern Alpine Foreland Basin
  • since 2011: Young tectonic, geomorphological and sedimentological Evolution of the North-Alpine Foreland Basin. 
  • since 2011: Mechanisms of strain release in the northern Basin and Range Province (western USA): relationship between faults, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and the growth of continental fault systems. Collaborators: Geoffrey King (IPG Paris), Steven Wesbousky (University of Nevada, Reno).

Former Projects

  • 2012 - 2017: HGF Alliance: Remote Sensing and Earth System Dynamics. The HGF Alliance "Remote Sensing and Earth System Dynamics" aimed at the development and evaluation of novel bio/geo-pysical information products derived from data acquired by a new generation of remote sensing satellites and their integration in earth system models for improving understanding and modelling ability of global environmental processes and ecosystem change. Project: "Geological context of seismically inactive, but geodetically active regions." One Postdoc: Simon Kübler (LMU Geology). 
  • 2008-2012: Earthquake segmentation and tectonic geomorphology of the Red Sea coast north of Quseir (Egypt) 
  • 2008-2016: Vertical motion of Crete and implications for fault system dynamics and seismic hazards — based in integration of PSI-InSAR data, tectonic geomorphology, and geological data. 
  • 2004 - 2012: DFG Project: Dynamics of Active faulting in the Lower Rhine Graben, awarded to A.M. Friedrich (FR1693/1-1) and M.R. Strecker.


Publications in Google Scholar


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Prior to 2014:

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