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Welcome to the Geology group of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences is a scientific institution of the school of geosciences of the Ludwig-Maximillians University of Munich (LMU). We are part of the Munich GeoCenter, an established network of research and teaching, which also includes geology at the Technical University of Munich (TUM).  For those interested in studying geology, we offer joint programs for Bachelor in Geosciences and a Master's program in Geology.  Our Master's program is international and allows specialization in a range of topics.

desert_view_735 copy

Panoramic view of the Kaibab monocline and "the great unconformity" exposed at the easternmost portion of the Grand Canyon, at Desert View Point. The photo was taken during the last West USA geological field school of the University of Munich (September 2010, © A. Friedrich).