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Mjahid Zebari

Dr. Mjahid Zebari

Postdoctoral Scientist

Structural geology, active tectonics, tectonic geomorphology


Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Lehrstuhl für Geologie
Luisenstr. 37
80333 München

Room: A 131
Phone: +49 (0) 89 / 2180 6534


Further Information

Research Interests

Structural geology, tectonics, active tectonics, tectonic geomorphology, landscape deformation.

Short CV

since 2021 - Postdoctoral researcher, University of Munich, Germany

2021: Ph.D. - University of Jena, Germany

2013 - 2016 - Assistant lecturer, Salahaddin University - Erbil, Iraq

2013 - M.Sc., University of Nebraska - Lincoln, USA


  • Zebari, M., Preusser, F., Grützner, C., Navabpour, P. and Ustaszewski, K., 2021. Late Pleistocene-Holocene slip rates in the Northwestern Zagros Mountains (Kurdistan Region of Iraq) derived from luminescence dating of river terraces and structural modeling. Tectonics, 40.
  • Zebari, M., Preusser, F., Grützner, C., Navabpour, P., and Ustaszewski, K., 2021. Luminescence Dating of River Terraces along the banks of the Greater Zab River in the Northwestern Zagros Mountains in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. PANGAEA.
  • Forti, L., Perego, A., Brandolini, F., Mariani, G. S., Zebari, M., Nicoll, K., Regattieri, E., Barbaro, C. C., Bonacossi, D. M., Cremaschi, M., Zerboni, A., (2021). Geomorphology of the northwestern Kurdistan Region of Iraq: landscapes of the Zagros Mountains drained by the Tigris and Great Zab Rivers, Journal of Maps.
  • Zebari, M., Philipp, B., Grützner, C., Navabpour, P., Witte, J., and Ustaszewski, K., 2020. Structural style of the NW Zagros Mountains and the role of basement thrusting for its Mountain Front Flexure, Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Journal of Structural Geology, 141, 104206.
  • Amine, A., El Ouardi, H., Zebari, M., El Makrini, H., and Habibi M., 2020. Relative landscape maturity in the South Rifian Ridges (NW Morocco): Inferences from DEM-based surface indices analysis. Applied Computing and Geosciences, 6, 100027.
  • Amine, A., El Ouardi, H., Zebari, M., and El Makrini, H., 2020. Active tectonics in the Moulay Idriss Massif (South Rifian Ridges, NW Morocco): New insights from geomorphic indices and drainage pattern analysis. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 167, 103833.
  • Zebari, M., Grützner, C., Navabpour, P., and Ustaszewski, K., 2019. Relative timing of uplift along the Zagros Mountain Front Flexure (Kurdistan Region of Iraq): Constrained by geomorphic indices and landscape evolution modeling. Solid Earth, 10, 663-682.
  • Zebari, M. M., and Burberry C. M., 2015. 4D evolution of anticlines and implications for hydrocarbon exploration within the Zagros Fold Thrust Belt, Kurdistan Region, Iraq. GeoArabia, 20(1), 161-188.