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Teaching Staff

Teaching Staff

Amir Abolghasem (Dr. Ing., University of Stuttgart): Tectonic geodesy, GIS.

Sara Carena (Ph.D., Princeton University): Structural geology, active tectonics and seismotectonics, 3-D modeling and visualization.

Miriam Dühnforth (Dr. sc. nat., ETH Zurich): Earth surface processes, glaciology, paleoclimatology, cosmogenic radionuclides.

Anke M. Friedrich (Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Geology, active tectonics and earthquake studies, basin analysis, geological remote sensing.

Stuart A. Gilder (Ph.D., University of California Santa Cruz): Paleomagnetism, geomagnetisms, biomagnetism.

H. Albert Gilg (Dr. sc. nat., ETH Zurich): Mineral resources, geochemistry, inclusion research, archeometry.

Robert Marschik (Dr. sc. nat., University of Geneva): Geological resources.

Claudia Trepmann (Dr. rer. nat., University of Bochum): Structural geology, impact geology, microfabrics, microscopy.