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Examination Board / Prüfungsausschuss

Members: Prof. Dr. Anke Friedrich (LMU), Chair of the Examination Board; Prof. Dr. Stuart Gilder (LMU), Vice-Chair; Prof. Dr. Michael Krautblatter (TUM).

General deadline for applications: for Winter Semester October 15th; for Summer Semester April 15th.

Your request must be formulated so that the Board can vote yes/no on it.

A scanned copy of your complete request must be sent by the deadline above to

An identical paper version of your request must also be sent/delivered to the Sekretariat Geologie (Luisenstr. 37). The request must be dated and have your signature on it. If you have not sent the copy by email yet, the paper copy must be delivered by the deadline. If you have sent the electronic copy, a few days delay in delivering the paper copy is acceptable. Any decisions however will not be confirmed until the paper copy has been received.

Some specific requests (e.g. thesis request, certain kinds of course/module substitution requests) have their own deadlines, which may be earlier than the deadlines above. For these, see guidelines under "Documents" (where the relevant forms are also available). The dual electronic/paper delivery mode is the same as stated above.

Important: both electronic and paper copies must be delivered in all cases.