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Important information for first semester students

Orientation meeting

This year the orientation will be in the form of a field trip to introduce incoming students to the regional geology of Bavaria. The trip will take place during the week of October 7th. It will be about four days: the specific dates will be communicated in the next few weeks. This trip is funded through a special program for international students, so transportation and lodging for students during the trip will be provided.

However, everyone should make sure that they come prepared in terms of field gear, so read carefully the information about equipment below.


Basic equipment list

 If you are an international student, be aware that it may be much cheaper for you to get the equipment you need in your own country, before departing for Germany. In particular, you are expected to have your own geological compass (phone apps are not a substitute, though they may be used in addition to a proper compass), and be proficient in using it. A fancy compass (e.g. Clar-type, or full-blown Brunton models) is not necessary, you can get military compasses and trekking compasses with inclinometer, which are a fraction of the cost and work just fine. For students from North America and the UK, waterproof geological field notebooks bought in your own country are as little as half the price you would pay for them in Germany, where there is only one reseller. The same goes for some advanced mapping boards (the lightweight, spring-loaded kind that allows you to work in rainy and windy conditions). Stock up before you come here.

First semester courses

 The updated course catalog for the winter semester is usually available online starting  in July/August, and the printable course timetables for each semester become available a few weeks before the start of classes. All relevant links, and detailed information about how to register for courses, is located on the "Documents" page.

updated on 14.06.2019