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P1.2 Field Mapping and Exploration

P1.1 Field Seminar

This is a unit with P1.2 (both must be taken; there is no separate grade and no separate credit for either half of module P1), and it is taught partly in Munich, before P1.2 takes place, and partly in the field, simultaneously with P1.2.

P1.2 Field Mapping and Exploration

Location: Las Negras, Andalusia, southern Spain.

Lodging: camping "La Caleta". Lodging will be booked as a group, in shared bungalows (if you want to see what they look like, follow the link to the campground's website).

Travel: on your own (fly, drive your own car, rent a car, take the train, bus, bicycle, etc.). You will definitely need a motor vehicle for 2-4 days of the course, so people who do not travel by car may have to get together and rent one in Almeria. Various options will be discussed during the organization meeting, but make sure you figure out a few options (airports, rental cars, etc.) on your own first, and bring the information to the table to share with your classmates. For example, the closest airport may not be the cheapest option (or even the fastest one). A taxi from/to Almeria airport is about 50 EUR each way. International students should check their visa conditions, to make sure that travel to Spain (and other countries in Europe, since other field trips often go to places like Austria, Switzerland, and Italy) is included.

Travel/health insurance: you are advised to verify well ahead of time that you have adequate health coverage for this trip, including possibly medical evacuation and travel of a relative in case of hospitalization. Travel cancellation insurance is also not a bad idea, since the cost is a small fraction of what canceling the trip for any reason would cost you. The course fee is non-refundable (including for illness), and usually cheap plane tickets are non-refundable as well. Coverage for damage to third parties (Haftpflichtversicherung) is also advisable, and not only for this trip, but for your entire stay in Germany. German students may be insured through their parents, but international students should make sure they have some form of coverage too: dropping/losing a friend's smartphone/camera for example may otherwise turn out to be very expensive (or result in loss of friends). Please be aware that you have no insurance whatsoever through LMU. International students should also be aware that, unlike in some other countries, people aged 18 and older are considered adults for all purposes, i.e. people who have full responsibility for their own decisions and actions. This includes any injury incurred during field work, or injury/damages to third parties or to property. LMU staff, and LMU in general, cannot be held responsible for the behavior of adults, even if a trip has been organized by the university.

Course fee: exact amount will be communicated at the information session, but it will likely not be less than 200-250 EUR per person, so come prepared. It will cover lodging and course materials only.

Dates (preliminary; to be confirmed in Fall 2018): 08.03.2019 (arrival) - 24.03.2019 (departure). Add one or two days at each end for travel if needed (depending on how you plan to travel), plus about one week for finishing writing and submitting the mapping report (exact report submission deadline will be decided once everyone has planned travel, but no later than January). No deadline extensions will be given. Because you are expected to write most of your report while in the field, the time calculated for report writing is about three days. However, one week is planned to account for any illness, extra days on the return trip, etc. Therefore any excuses (minor illness, additional travel, etc.) for extensions will not be considered.

  • 18.10.2018: preliminary information session. This happens during the first meeting of the "field seminar". Please make sure to be present for the whole two hours of the seminar.
  • 26.11.2018: course fee payment deadline (= registration confirmation).
  • 08.03.2018: course start date, arrival in Las Negras by 17:00.
  • 24.03.2018: course end date, departure from Las Negras starting at 9:30. 
Additional information: the lab part of course P4.0.1 - Modern Active Tectonics, and likely also of P3.0.2/P5.0.2 - Sedimentary Basin Dynamics, will take place at the same location, just prior to the start of the mapping course. If you plan to attend these, add 4 days before 08.03.19 to the length of the trip.
Last modified: 31.08.2018