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Applications to the Master's Degree Program in Geology

Submission of applications for winter semester 2019/20 is now closed. 


If you are classified as a German applicant (see top of this page), and are admitted to our program, you must go to this LMU webpage for instructions about registration. The original of the letter of admission to the Program (Zulassungsbescheid) must be presented at registration. We do not forward this document to the registration office. As a reminder, dual citizens (Germany-any other country) are always treated as Germans, regardless of whether they can speak German or not, and are expected to navigate the LMU bureaucracy on their own.

International applicants instead are required to pass the pre-registration stage (which can be only performed by the International Office), in which all documents must be formally approved. If the paper documents are approved, the International Office will send you the official letter of admission, which will contain further information about registration

In all cases, before you are allowed to register, proof of graduation from your previous program must be available. You will be asked for the original of this proof at registration. Graduation must happen before the start date of the Winter Semester for which you have applied. Make sure you do have the original in your possession, and never send it by mail anywhere. If by registration time you do not have a final degree certificate (i.e. the classic "piece of paper" that you would hang on a wall) yet because your university takes several months or years to print such a document even after your have graduated, you must at least be in possession of an official, original certificate from your university that states that you have graduated (and when, and from which program, you have graduated), and that you have already requested the printing of the final (paper) diploma. If you cannot satisfactorily prove that you have graduated, registration will be denied even if you have received an admission letter. This will be the case regardless of nationality or of previous degree-granting institution attended (i.e. there is no exception for students who have graduated from a LMU Bachelor program). Registration is a separate step, and acceptance by the Program, or even admission by the International Office, does not guarantee registration.

Registration itself requires your physical presence and it normally happens in September/October each year. Please be aware that a specific date (or dates) will be given to you for registration, so be prepared to show up at any time during this period on short notice. 

Last updated: 14.06.2019