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The geological section of the library builds on many hundreds of classical geology books dating back to before 1800. Prior to 1970, the collection included many of the most important geological books of their time, in particular monographs in regional geology of Bavaria, the Alps, Africa and North America, exploration geology, ore deposits, tectonics, petrology, mineralogy.

The modern monograph collection includes a broad choice of general science (physics, chemistry, math, statistics, computer science) and reference books, general geology, history of geology, environemental geology, natural hazards, planetary geology, field geology, geochemistry, isotope geology, petrology, mineralogy, geophysics, geodesy and remote sensing.

The main modern focus lies on geochronology, sedimentology, basin analysis, earth surface processes, geomorphology, glaciology, regional geology, tectonics, plate tectonics, structural geology and mechanics, earthquake geology, deformation and rheology, crustal and mantle geodynamics, geophysical methods, resource geology, geology of ore deposits, historical geology. Regional foci are Bavaria, the Alps, Europe and the Mediterranean, Western North America, Latin America and Antartica.

The geology library collection was integrated into the subject library Geosciences in 2015. 

The map collection and much of the collections in Regional Geology are not integrated into the subject library, but are located at the Geology Institute and are part of the Regional Geology Archive Facility (contact: S. Rieger).

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Last updated: 25.05.2021