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Florian Hofmann

Dr. Florian Hofmann

Geochronology, Noble Gas Geochemistry, Cosmogenic Nuclides, Paleoclimate Reconstructions


Room: A 048

Website: Florian Hofmann

Further Information

Research Interests

- Dating of glacial sediments using stable and radioactive cosmogenic nuclides
- Method development in geochronology, especially with iron-oxides
- Cosmogenic nuclide dating of pedogenic iron-oxides in soils
- (U-Th)/He dating of goethite, hematite, and magnetite
- Influence of climate on the formation and evolution of laterites
- Intracrystalline oxygen isotope paleothermometry of goethite

Current Research

- Dating of Pleistocene terminal moraines and terrace deposits in the Alpine foreland using the in situ 36Cl exposure and 10Be/26Al isochron burial techniques
- Measuring the offset rate of the San Andreas fault in Southern California by dating offset terraces with cosmogenic 3He in magnetite
- Mineralization and alteration of volcanics of the El Laco iron ore deposit in Chile by (U-Th)/He dating of hematite and magnetite
- Growing Al-substituted goethite for the calibration of oxygen isotope paleothermometry
- Reconstruction of isostatic and tectonic paleo-flexure in sedimentary basins