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Dr Emilie Janots


Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
Luisen Str. 37 / Room A232
80333 Munich

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Metamorphic processes, timing and duration of geological processes, distribution of trace elements in the lithosphere, and formation of metalliferous ore deposits, with a special interest for the rare earth elements (REE) mineralogy and distribution in the crust.


REE-mineral petrology and geochronology in metamorphic rocks (Alps, Himalaya, Crete)

Constraining hydrothermalism (mass transfer, timing, duration) during exhumation (Alpine veins)

REE distribution, mobility and fractionation during weathering (Laterite from Madagascar)

Element mobility and mineral equilibration in polymetamorphic rocks(Bergen arc)

Petrology of Omani meterorites

Teaching (Univesity Joseph Fourier, Grenoble)

Mineralogy (including optical microscopy) : STE231/STE233
Metamorphic Petrology : TUE35X ; STE231/233 ; STE35s ; TUE4213
Field trips : Tectonometamorphism (Montagnes noires, TUE4116) ; Petrology (Ivrea, TUE4215) ; Volcanism (Auvergne, STE244)


2013-2015 : Delegation CNRS between ISTerre and the LMU (Munich)
Since 2009 : Assistant professor, UJF, Grenoble (permanent position)
2008-2009 : Junior Professor, University of Münster
2005-2007 : Post-Doctorat, University of Bern, Switzerland
2001-2004 : PhD, funding by the CEA-CNRS, ENS Paris, France; Supervisors : F. Brunet (ENS), B. Goffé (ENS), C. Poinssot (CEA, Saclay)
1999-2001 : Master - ENS Paris, France; Supervisors : F. Brunet (ENS) & B. Goffé (ENS)


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