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Robert Gerlach

Robert Gerlach, M.Sc.

Tectonic Geomorphology
Geological Remote Sensing

Further Information

My master's thesis is about tectonic geomorphology of active strike slip faults. Using the example of the "Northern Rocky Mountain Trench" in the area around Williston Lake in British Columbia, Canada, I am conducting a tectono-geomorphic analysis searching for offset geomorphic features such as drainages, terraces and alluvial fans using first a digital elevation model (DEM) and satellite images. In a second time during field work, I will try to quantify the strain that has accumulated by evaluating these offset features and try to constrain the timing of the events which led to the offset. Based on this information I will calculate the paleo strain-rate along the fault. Comparing paleo strain-rate with seismic data and the present velocity field will help me come up with a preliminary idea about the future evolution of the fault system.